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Find the best EVA foam for your cosplay

EVA foam is a cosplayer’s best friend and an unmissable supply for the creation of your next cosplay costume. Thanks to the flexible nature of this material and the many variations of foams that are available on the market, you will surely find this material suitable for the creation of whatever outfit or prop you need to make. If you are looking for a dependable supplier of EVA foam, we recommend you pay a visit to the online store of Minque Art & Cosplay. These dedicated and experienced specialists have been cosplaying for years, themselves. Therefore, they can always help you out with crafting material recommendations and personal advice.

What kinds of EVA foam are available?

If your cosplay needs EVA foam, you will quickly discover that there are many different variations available of this unique material. When you shop at Minque Art & Cosplay, you can choose between foam that is either 1, 2, 5, or 10 millimeters thick. The thinner kinds of foam are perfect for detailing your prop or costume and the 10 millimeters thick EVA foam sheets are an excellent match for anyone who wants to create big and sturdy weapons that do not need to be flexible. Adding to this, you can choose between low density and more flexible foam and high-density material, which is sturdier. Do you need to cover up small gaps in your creation or do you want to create organic shapes in your detail work? EVA foam clay might be the perfect solution for creating the perfect cosplay!

Place your order today and get creative

In short, Minque Art & Cosplay is your one stop shop for all your favorite crafting materials. Whether you need foam to create a base for your cosplay from Worbla to create a smooth finish, these experts have got you covered. Place your order today and start saving up for practical gifts with their unique loyalty program. Is there anything else you would like to know? Feel free to contact this passionate team for more information about their products.