Celebrate spring with the new NBA Live Mobile program

This NBA Live Mobile program adds new live challenges, sets and collectible items. The event is spring themed and concentrates on Madison Square Garden.

Come the beginning of spring, NBA Live Mobile players have new activities to take part in, new items to acquire and new sets to complete. A new spring themed program is available. As soon as players log in, they will receive a pack of program related items to help them get started. These items such as headbands, eggs and shoes are used to complete various sets. NBA Live Mobile sets section has been updated to include the new sets that can be found under the Spring tab.

Players will notice three main set categories. Each one has a different theme. NBA Eggs sets come in three versions and can be completed with items found in packs similar to the one acquired for free. Gift Basket sets are completed with NBA special team eggs. Decorated eggs are obtained by mixing gear with normal eggs. The Wondrous Gift Basket is given to players that manage to acquire 10 team eggs. The last category, Explore the Garden, has three Madison Square Garden themed sets. The special worm set unlocks more spring sets when the timer expires. Players will get the rewards from the basket sets throughout the event week that starts on April 11th, however, they can begin working towards set completion four days earlier.

Items received from card packs cannot be traded over the auction house so players have to do the work themselves to obtain them. Different live events are added to NBA Live Mobile events list to allow players to get more program items besides the usual live events rewards. Explore the Garden event requires players to achieve three assists while using a two way lineup. Grass live event tasks players with obtaining buckets. Rewards from these events include collectible items that are used to complete program related sets. The Objective schedule has been updated to include spring program tasks such as completing three sets or finishing Explore the Garden event a couple of times.

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